School Age Years (SAY) Inclusion Support Program

Support during the school years for children and young people living with disability and their families.

Lifestart School Age Years Inclusion Support Program (SAY) provides support to children living with a disability who are aged between 6 and 18 years. Our SAY program is a unique family support program operating in Sydney.

kids-on-bikeSAY assists families, professional service providers, schools, young people and community organisations to meet the needs of children to transition into school and provide ongoing support as they progress through primary and secondary education.

SAY provides individualised support for children and groups for families. Families are offered support in areas such as advocacy, transition, community access, behaviour management and family issues. 

This service seeks to empower families to participate in the home and wider community in a positive and meaningful capacity, whilst developing collaborative relationships with professional service providers. 

If you would like more information about our School Age Service please contact us on (02)9364 0111.

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