Transition to School


Transition to school is a very important time in the life of a child and family. Lifestart recognises this and is committed to providing individualised and collaborative supports so that your child can have a good start to school.

Transition to School Program

Good practice in school transition for all children highlights the need for looking at the whole child, the relationships that children have in the spaces where they spend most of their time, recognising the links or connections between different parts of their lives, working creatively with these connections and having good, supported experiences in mainstream environments.

For these reasons, it is very important that children and families have access to an individualised transition to school program. This may include a number of supports and activities for a child and family during the transition period. Some of these are:

  • support for a child to develop skills within a mainstream environment such as a preschool.
  • support for families to choose a school and navigate the process of information sharing with the school.
  • parent workshops about your child’s rights, how to promote opportunities for your child to learn skills, how to coordinate your child’s supports and services and other topics of interest as they arise.
  • an individualised series of orientation/transition visits to the child’s upcoming school. These visits can support your child’s familiarity with school routines, establish relationships between your child and family and the school and allow the school time and support to consider how they can best respond may respond to your child’s strengths and needs.
  • social activities and play get togethers.
  • targeted, intentional groups for a specific purpose.
  • family support programs that may include online forums and chat.