Lifestart receives funding from Department of Social Services to provide MyTime groups. MyTime groups provide facilitated peer support for parents, carers of children living with a disability.


MyTime groups provide facilitated peer support to families raising children living with disability or delay. Peer support groups provide an opportunity for people who are living similar experiences to share those experiences and support each other.  They typically consist of a group of people who share a similar—but not necessarily identical—life experience. Peer support groups expose people to varied ways of reacting to and coping with their challenges, give them a chance to share positive experiences, and lead to an increased sense of belonging and wellbeing.


My Time

Parents and carers socialise, share experiences, ideas and information with others who understand the rewards and intensity of the caring role whilst their child is supported by a play helper or other staff during Open Play.


MyTime is delivered by a MyTime facilitator and sessions are held weekly at selected Lifestart centres.




MyTime schedule


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